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Luxor ZERO XL Sauna Dome: Home Sauna by 1Love™

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The all-in-one solution to your home sauna!

Lay down, relax, and feel amazing! We’re here to help you feel your best. Invigorate your health, with a peaceful mind, knowing that 1Love™ has your back. When it comes to your sauna, we don’t want you to worry about hazardous materials and electrical fields. We use the best construction practices to bring you the safest Sauna.

Profound Health Benefits!

a woman practicing yoga on a beach for improved healthExperience the benefits of two therapies from one machine: sauna heat & far infrared exposure! These therapies are shown to have the following health benefits:

  • sleep quality
  • reduces allergies
  • improved cardiovascular health
  • less inflammation
  • improved brain & memory function
  • stronger immune system
  • detoxification
  • relieve & reduce pain
  • reduce stress & fatigue
  • improved skin health
  • burns calories (and can improve metabolism!)
  • lengthens life through improved overall health

Intense Far Infrared Therapy

360 Degree, Full Coverage Far Infrared Therapy

  • Powerful Far Infrared surrounds your body for uniformly deep absorption
  • Perfectly tuned to resonate with your body’s natural frequency
  • Intense sauna immersion when you want to raise your core body temperature

In a 1Love™ Sauna Dome, far infrared rays are inches from your body, providing uniform therapy - in a traditional sauna room, distance to infrared is not consistent; you can be several feet (or more) away!

Sauna in Comfort

Woman enjoying a 1Love sauna on a hardwood floor in front of a fireplace

Relaxing in a Far Infrared Sauna Dome:

✓ Lay down in any position you choose and fully relax.
✓ Focused Far Infrared Rays are inches from your body, providing uniform therapy for the deepest absorption.
✓ Laying Down is the most beneficial way to Sauna. The cardiovascular system is relieved from the demands of gravity and internal body responses are maximized toward self-healing and relaxation.
✓ Your body can fully relax for maximum benefit from the Far Infrared Therapy.
✓ Smaller interior area allows for faster preheating and more efficient use.

Keep your head outside: Most people will feel much more comfortable when their head can stay cool. Having your head out is the optimal way to get the most benefits, with the least discomfort. You may choose to heat your head as well, if you are under 6' tall.

The Details

1Love Luxor Zero XL dome sauna with dimensions showing its width, length, and height

Mat / Domes Material

Environmentally friendly, solvent-free PU vegan ‘leather’ ~high heat resistance, high durability. Compatible with Ozone Therapy. Full One Year Full Warranty/Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Carbon Fiber Far Infrared with Zero EMF Technology

What's EMF? ZERO EMF Technology does not mean that the entire sauna is Zero EMF. There are occasional spikes in the healthy range, but we are very impressed with the safe EMF levels of 1Love™ Sauna Domes. Overall Average EMF = 0.15 mG.

Fits Most Body Types

Slender >> 58” circumference (including arms). If unsure, have someone help you measure around the widest part of your body and make sure to include your arms. The maximum circumference the Premium Zero will fit is 62", but it will be a very tight fit. If you are any larger, you will want the XL version. (Height: 6' 6" or less for full coverage.)


Woman using luxor sauna that is stored upright as a table to look at a magazine while drinking coffee1Love™ Sauna Domes are built for portability and storage. The sections slide together and will easily fit in a closet upright. When placed upright, the mat and Pro Control Box store inside the small dome. The small dome then ‘nests’ inside the larger dome for compact storage.

Therapeutic Stones

Just the act of holding a tourmaline or germanium stone and slightly heating it up with your hands will release beneficial Far Infrared. The Sauna produces Far Infrared, which heats up the therapeutic stones, which in turn release even more Far Infrared. The end result is that the stones amplify and intensify the overall experience. The stones also act as ‘heat sinks,’ helping to maintain smooth and consistent heat for full body therapy.

Stones have been used throughout the world and in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. The stones we use are said to assist in the release of negative ions as well as provide many additional benefits for health. Negative ions play a major role in helping to detoxify and enhance your body's overall well-being. They have long been associated with improvements in mood and physical health. The stones are pulverized into a powder and then hardened into discs, maximizing the effective surface area and benefits.

What's Included

What will be included in your 1Love saunas package

Detailed Specifications


  • Dimensions: 36"x23"x72"
  • User Height: 6'6" or less for full coverage
  • Maximum body circumference: 77" including arms

Stones used:

  • Therapeutic Stones release Far Infrared when heated and offer Eastern Medicine benefits
  • Dome: 117 Tourmaline + 108 Germanium
  • Mat: 90 Bian, 90 Jade


  • 110V USA Type B Plug
  • Powerful 1200W Protected Control Box
  • Timer: 5-60 minutes (beep when complete)
  • 3 Separately Controlled Far Infrared Zones

Far Infrared Technology:

  • ZERO EMF Carbon Fiber Far Infrared
  • Tuned to 4-15um to precisely resonate with your body
  • Note: Far Infrared ONLY (no near infrared)


  • Dome: 77-194°F / 25-90°C
  • Mat: 77-158°F / 25-70°C

Note: Far Infrared is slow to heat air. The air inside your sauna will not reach these temperatures, but you will feel the full intensity.

Sauna Safety:

  • Average EMF = 0.15 mG
  • Average ELF = 13.59 V/m
  • Certifications: SGS, RoHS Chemical, CE (EMC, LVD), IEM, Far Infrared Ray, Negative ION

Customer Reviews

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"Sauna sessions induce sweating and increase the excretion of numerous toxins including heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants, BPA, flame retardants, phthalates, and more..."

James DiNicolantonio, PharmD

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