Vibration Therapy Benefits

With the ever-growing technology in our health industry there are many options for exercise equipment like treadmills, rowers, elliptical, stair climbers, free weight and endless gym machines why would you choose a VibePlate and what are the benefits?

So while I agree that there are many good choices for you health journey, I almost always recommend and personally use aVibePlate as part of my daily regime.
One reason I do this is because honestly it just helps you feel better, it increase your blood flow, helps drain your lymph system and gives you a state of relaxation that is a great way to start any day. I also do a good part of my daily exercise program while on myVibePlate and it skyrockets the benefits of a good muscle workout all while strengthen your core and increase your balance for an amazing full body workout.

So what is vibration therapy? Vibration therapy simple is a movement that sends a frequency through your body that activates your skeletal system, muscles, nerves and honestly every part of your body. In turn this activation helps stimulate your body to natural increase performance and functionality of every part of your body.

You may wonder is vibration therapy right for me? Maybe you don’t currently work out or have a routine you really like, well I can tell you from personal experience and the many happy customers this will be a piece of equipment that you wonder how you ever did without. No matter your health level, age or goalsVibePlates will help you feel better and improve you overall health.

While vibration therapy has been has been around for a while now it is become more and more recognized for its effectiveness in workouts as well as treating many medical conditions in many homes and offices everywhere. Some of the many benefits to vibration therapy which are, but not limited to include the following:
Muscle pain & injury
Muscle atrophy
Hormone imbalance
Tendon & ligament injury
Bone loss
Knee joint injury
Lower back pain
Blood circulation disorder
Microcirculation disorder
lymph edema
High blood pressure
Nerve pain
Motor skills, balance
Cerebral palsy
Parkinson's disease
Metabolism disorder
Aging related issues
Restless leg syndrome
Urinary incontinence

With the many benefits to vibration therapy I believe everyone can receive benefits that are well worth the investment of any Vibeplates we offer and enjoy the many years of trouble free use that you will enjoy!

Possible Side Effects of Vibration Plates

Something to consider when purchasing a vibration plate, no matter the brand. Not all vibration plates are suited to all types of people. For example, a vibration plate machine that offers a higher vibration frequency could be a poor choice for somebody who suffers with high blood pressure or heart issues (ie, somebody with a pacemaker).

Scientific (3)studies have shown that exposure to high levels of vibration can lead to elevated blood pressure and changes in vascular contraction or heart rate variability in those who have pre-existing heart conditions/ problems.

However, unlike most models, VibePlate offers a lower vibrational frequency which would be beneficial for people ailing certain health conditions, or for people just getting started.

However, it is always a good idea to consult with a representative or PT if you have any doubts.