Best Vibration Machine: VibePlate® or Power Plate®?

VibePlate vs. Power Plate: What's the Best Vibration Plate?

There's never a better time to work on your health and fitness. VibePlate is a great tool that will help you adopt fitness into your daily regime, no matter how busy your schedule.

Vibration machines, such as the VibePlate offer amazing benefits in a shorter period of time. Spending hours in the gym is a thing of the past.

What are Vibration Plates?

While the fitness industry now offers a vast range of exercise equipment that are perfect for home workout lovers, vibration plates, more specifically VibePlate, are an increasingly popular and beneficial tool designed to increase your own personal health benefits, while reducing time spent getting sweaty.

A viable option for anyone with a busy schedule, this nifty piece of equipment was originally used to train cosmonauts and eventually made its way across the pond to the US in the 1990’s, where it saw a rapid growth in popularity.

As well as improving muscle performance, VibePlate can also have additional benefits on the body such as, (1)maintaining bone density, improving balance and proprioception, and reducing body fat when exposed to consistent sessions of vibration plate activity.

VibePlate can also have beneficial effects on (2)hormone function and lymphatic health as explained by John Jaquish, a scientific researcher and author specialising in bone health.

Types of Vibration Plates

As well as VibePlate, there are a handful of different designs, models, and types of vibration plates on the market.

However, VibePlate is a superior option because of it’s additional benefits upon purchase, such as: A lifetime warranty when bought for personal and non-commercial usage, the ability to withstand a much higher weight capacity than competitors, such as Power Plate, making it a great choice for all no matter where you are at on your fitness journey. VibePlate is also made in the USA with representatives on hand to help if you have any queries or issues.

The main difference between the VibePlate and other competitors (such as the PowerPlate) is the type of vibration that it offers, and the benefits that this frequency can have on the body.

By choosing the VibePlate, which offers a slightly lower vibrational frequency, this product is fully versatile in delivering safe fitness benefits for even those who are suffering from health conditions such as, diabetes, heart conditions, etc.

VibePlate is a stable and durable choice. It’s technology allows the plates to move up and down as the platform remains horizontal, making it a great choice for general fitness such as strength training, flexibility, and mobility exercises. The VibePlate can also be used to perform pilates and yoga moves, and aids in muscle activation as well as recovery.

Vibe Plate VS Power Plate: What’s the difference?

Both of these vibration plate options have their selling factors and each one can be tailored to fit into your own workout regime, fitness goals, and lifestyle.

We’ve pulled together a list of pros and cons, to help you determine which vibration plate will be better suited to your fitness needs.


- Made in the USA
- Able to take a 2,400 pound capacity - can be used by all
- Runs the vibration plate on one motor - efficient and sustainable
- Offers a lifetime warrant for home users and 5 year warranty on the controller and motor for commercial users

- Has a 2mm amplitude option
- Lower G force than most ranging between 3-4

Power Plate

- Tri planner vibration
- Includes equipment such as: remote control and hand straps
- Offers high and low amplitude

- 3 year warranty (shorter than Vibe Plate)
- Timer of 30 or 60 seconds (Personal Power Plate)

Consider VibePlate

Overall, VibePlate is a better suited option for those who are new to vibration plates and the technology that they offer.

It is a fool proof choice that will give you a 360 approach to fitness by providing everything that you need, from strengthening and toning muscles, to assisting in muscle recovery as well.

The lifetime warranty provides a safe solution, reinforcing the products durability to withstand years of usage whilst keeping your mind at rest. When you invest in a VibePlate, they will also invest in you by ensuring that company representatives are on hand to provide the very best support and assistance.

Final Words: Which Vibration Plate is Best For You

Whether you want to squat, plank, or hold a yoga pose on a vibration machine, you can begin reaping the rewards in as little as a week with consistent daily usage (all it takes is 15 minutes).

Both power plate alternatives will offer exceptional whole-body workouts, but a key difference to bare in mind it the vibration frequency level the VibePlate and Power Plate offer.

If you want a machine with versatility, VibePlate is the best choice for many as it offers different hertz levels.

Whether a home workout enthusiast, yogi or pilates fanatic, looking for a piece of equipment to help you recover quicker, or new to owning a vibration plate.

VibePlate also provides larger versatility with its vibration machine offerings, including a Yoga Plate and a specialised plate designed for stretching.

For an option that will give you a diverse range of abilities and exercises, VibePlate can provide you with everything you need and will assist you in reaching your fitness goals, even when running low on energy or time.