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Dr. Wong's Essentials

Dr. Wong Dry E 500 60 Count

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Dr. Wong's Essentials Dry E - 500 IU with L-Seleniumethionine

The forgotten nutrient for heart health, blood flow and sexual function!*    A ton of invalid studies using sub-clinical doses of Vitamin E have said this vitamin is of no use for the heart.   And at the levels of dosing they were using the studies were correct, the studies were concocted to make the Vitamin E fail.    

First point:  All of the valid studies on Vitamin E and heart health and sexual function, especially those done at the Univ. of Southern Illinois by Dr. Thomas Cureton  in the 1960’s and ’70’s were done with D Alpha Tocopherol.   It was found back then that the other tocopherols and tocotrinols were mere window dressing, the strongest active component of all of the E’s is the D Alpha.    

Secondly:  doses needed to be 400 IU and above to have a physiologic function!  

Next: the nutritional industry, seeing their profits from Vit. E drop after the vitamin was made from fermentation instead of being cold pressed from wheat germ oil or soy oil, decided to drop their emphasis on Vitamin E and transfer the heart health claims to the much more profitable CoQ10, and the super profitable Ubiquinol.    There was a way to bring back profitability to Vitamin E:  Again skewed studies seemed to show that the only way Vitamin E worked was to mix in the very expensive tocotrinols and mixed tocopherols!  

Lastly: Vitamin E when isolated either from cold pressing and extraction or from fermentation needs to be stabilized in oil or freeze dried into a powder or it looses its effectiveness and has a very low shelf life.    All but 1 company we know of mixes the Vitamin E with soy oil, known for its high estrogen content!    So the product is estrogenic.

Our Dry E - 500 IU also has the amino acid L-Seleniumethionine (a yeast free version of selenium that's absorbed 19% better than other forms) partner for Vitamin E in performing its actions, especially in maintaining healthy/normal prostate health.*  Dr. Kurt Donsback taught back in the 1980’s that ALL prostate swelling, regardless of what it turned into later, started from a Vitamin E and Zinc deficiency!*    

Dr. Wongs Essentials® Dry E - 500 IU, has no estrogens!    Each capsule is at the physiologic activation level of dosing and has no widow dressing, just the known-to-be-active D Alpha Tocopherol form of the vitamin.  Daily dose should be one or two capsules taken daily. 

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